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ukms ukms - 14/11/2013 10:02 - Report
Worth considering that John Lewis are currently giving a 3 year warranty free with the mini retina

guest22847 guest22847 - 05/01/2013 13:55 - Report
Also got sent a Nexus 7! Spent an hour calling customer services and am awaiting a call back

moose moose - 02/01/2013 20:10 - Report
after poping in too the store i was assured there wasnt any in stock and next tuesday would be the next delivery!!!!

moose moose - 02/01/2013 20:08 - Report
i payed for an ipad mini 32 gb white on the 31st in store, and today i see my local store i can reserve and collect in an hours time

guest22919 guest22919 - 02/01/2013 17:28 - Report
Very strange that the 16GB black have been in stock for so long today. Got an order in but I'm feeling pessimistic.
guest22495 guest22495 - 02/01/2013 18:46 - Report
I am wondering that too. I got mine order at 4.00 which is pretty late, as they got stick at 12. Surely they can't still be Instock

Admin Administrator - 02/01/2013 19:50 - Report
I'm sure you will be fine, I know the vast majority of people who buy through PC World/Currys have no problems whatsoever. Also now out of stock of 16gb iPad Mini's.

guest22495 guest22495 - 02/01/2013 19:53 - Report
I just rang them and they said they are currently -3 in stock so 3 people arnt getting one basically

LaLaLucy LaLaLucy - 01/01/2013 23:01 - Report
Finally after a week - Managed to get hold of a 16gb white mini! Finally getting my christmas present! Thanks so much iPad-Stock

guest22690 guest22690 - 01/01/2013 00:42 - Report
Picked up a 32gb this afternoon with no problems, thanks to this site! Good luck everyone!

Guest22824 Guest22824 - 31/12/2012 20:04 - Report
Thanks to this site I'm currently on my 16GB mini iPad and loving it!

Brad21 Brad21 - 31/12/2012 15:57 - Report
Thank you, Was waiting for JL but they have some stupid waiting times! THANK YOU

guest22956 guest22956 - 31/12/2012 15:46 - Report
Thank You. Just bagged a 16gb Black iPad.

guest22690 guest22690 - 30/12/2012 08:58 - Report
The pc world site never accepts my debit card?! All the details are correct but it comes back as an error. I miss out on the ipads everytime they're in stock due to this problems. Any ideas??????
guest22821 guest22821 - 30/12/2012 10:00 - Report
Try Currys Instead that might work

guest22690 guest22690 - 30/12/2012 15:18 - Report
tried both sites and does the same thing :/

Starduscik Starduscik - 29/12/2012 19:13 - Report
Thank you ipad-stock website!!! I just got mine from pcworld deliver to work on 02.01.12 have been looking for days since my pratner decided that's the one he want for his birthday. Spend days by watching your website and suddnely i heard the alarm! thank you thank you so much x

guest22331 guest22331 - 29/12/2012 13:11 - Report
just brought a whit and a black one for my children thanks to this site Smile

Guest22793 Guest22793 - 29/12/2012 13:09 - Report
haha collect in store on monday after 5pm and it shuts at 5pm ??????????????????
Guest22824 Guest22824 - 29/12/2012 18:57 - Report
How ridiculous!

mrthomsonio mrthomsonio - 29/12/2012 22:11 - Report
i have just been told the same thing, i am confused what to do as i ordered into the shop as i am out during the day but they said it will be delievered between 5pm-6pm on monday 31st, please keep me informed of what you do

welshcake welshcake - 30/12/2012 09:36 - Report
I spoke to customer services yesterday after placing my order as I too realised my local store closed at 5pm and theysaid to call them mid morning when they could give me a more accurate time of delivery from the courier on the 31st. Hope this helps.

Guest22824 Guest22824 - 30/12/2012 09:39 - Report
Yes it does, I will give them a call. Thanks!

Guest22824 Guest22824 - 31/12/2012 10:02 - Report
Welshcake - Have you got an email saying you can pick your Ipad up in store? Smile

welshcake welshcake - 31/12/2012 10:10 - Report
no email but I've received a text stating that my iPad is out for delivery this afternoon, I've asked for delivery to store to collect but will call later to confirm that the delivery is actually to the store.

Guest22824 Guest22824 - 31/12/2012 10:26 - Report
Ah ok! Well best of luck with it...

Lozza Lozza - 29/12/2012 12:48 - Like This Item Report
ordered from PC world

Guest22824 Guest22824 - 29/12/2012 12:32 - Report
Just bought Ipad Mini off PC World website to collect in store....hopefully on Monday....My fingers and toes are crossed...Will let you know how I get on!
Guest22824 Guest22824 - 31/12/2012 10:01 - Report
Just updating you all....Got an email today saying I can collect my Ipad! More updates later Wink

WilliamR WilliamR - 25/12/2012 23:28 - Report
Looks like the Currys/PC World site is indicating "in stock" when it isn't. Says available on the front page but goes to unavailable when you enter any location. Not this site's fault, but just FYI...

TonyTrod TonyTrod - 24/12/2012 22:02 - Report
Hi, just needing to thank you for this site.... ordered a white ipad mini 32GB wifi on the 19th December & received it today!!... if it wasn't for this site i know i would have struggled badly! .... so thank you so much once again & hope you all have a great christmas & new year!!! x
Admin Administrator - 24/12/2012 23:16 - Report
No worries, glad you found the website useful and merry Christmas to you too! Santa

HSaed123 HSaed123 - 24/12/2012 09:32 - Report
is pcworlds service better than argos'??
missmpaul missmpaul - 24/12/2012 23:05 - Report
I second that! Both PC World and Curry's are SHOCKING!!! Would not touch them with a apple barge pole!!

guest21971 guest21971 - 21/12/2012 19:19 - Report
just ordered my ipad mini 16g black from pc world said its arriving before x mas! GREAT

guest18274 guest18274 - 21/12/2012 11:37 - Report
Ordered 16gb black ipad mini from pc world last Tuesday (11th Dec) and still has not arrived! called them up and they cant even give me a tracking number! as the say the package is too small! and its 'in the hands of the royal mail now to deliver' Has anyone else had the same issue! feel like they have just gave me any excuse and it wont be arriving in tiem for xmas at this rate. Not happy!!!

Cleo Cleo - 20/12/2012 21:45 - Report
Ordered online on Friday evening via this site, collected in store today. This is a brilliant website and PC World were very efficient.

guest19965 guest19965 - 14/12/2012 19:49 - Report
All paid for with email confirmation, pick up from store on Tuesday, what a wonderful website!!!! What does this ipad stock website do tho when the demand dies!! :-) Nether the less an outstanding job, thank you
Admin Administrator - 15/12/2012 09:40 - Report
When it goes quiet I'll make some improvements to the website ready for the next round of iPad stock shortages at some point in the future! Wink

BlueRikkiRoo BlueRikkiRoo - 14/12/2012 15:36 - Report
My 16GB Black iPad Mini has just been delivered! Big Grin Thanks so much to iPad-Stock****** Good luck everyone! Dance

guest19578 guest19578 - 14/12/2012 14:36 - Report
on its way have 2 on order got text message saying will be here in morning
guest19578 guest19578 - 15/12/2012 11:54 - Report
got them , 2 white 16gb wifi . We went onto pc world site and ordered when they said no stock . We clicked for home delivery and paid extra for allocted time slot . Sat with fingers crossed and got the confirmation then tracking ref . Came on time this morning . Give it a go ! Got them even when they said not in stock Big Grin Big Grin

thealphabeta thealphabeta - 14/12/2012 11:49 - Report
Out for delivery today, hurrah

guest20077 guest20077 - 14/12/2012 11:17 - Report
Just had my order accepted! Fingers crossed it all goes through.
LucyCoops LucyCoops - 14/12/2012 11:57 - Report
Me too at 11.10. Spoke to PCW Customer Service and there was 63 in stock but she told me not go get my hopes up until I get a further email in the next few days that will confirm that there has been one allocated to me. Good Luck!

Guest19923 Guest19923 - 14/12/2012 11:09 - Report
I am so happy. My order has just gone through with PC World. This is officially the best website. Perserverance definitely pays off. Please keep watching and trying and I hope you all get what you want too. Suzanne.
Guest19923 Guest19923 - 18/12/2012 12:09 - Report
It arrived yesterday as promised and I managed to get a 16GB too as I wasnt convinced it would arrive.

BlueRikkiRoo BlueRikkiRoo - 14/12/2012 10:34 - Report
Hi all. Like many of the other posters on here I managed to place my order on Monday afternoon when PCW were showing some stock. Received the order acknowledgement, then 45 mins later I got the "due to unforeseen circumstances..." email, but then 2 mins later I got another email saying that my order was being prepared for delivery. Heard nothing more, so the next day I called and spoke to their customer services to ask if my order was being process or not, and was told that it wasn't as they had no stock, but was told that they "might get some more before Xmas". Cue me having a little rant about how they supposedly had stock when they allowed me to place my order and they took my money, but was just given the standard apology and the offer of a refund if I wanted it. I declined and said I'd hang on, just in case. In the early hours of this morning I received another email from PCW saying that my order is on it's way and will delivered by courier today (with a tracking link), and I've also had texts from the courier company (DPD) giving me my 1 hour delivery window this afternoon!! I guess that PCW have been allocating any stock they receive to orders like mine which is why that haven't had any more stock alerts showing up all week, so all I can say to anyone in a similar situation to me is to sit tight as your order should be delivered Smile Good luck everyone!
BlueRikkiRoo BlueRikkiRoo - 14/12/2012 12:13 - Report
BTW, my order was for a 16GB Black Mini

Guest19061 Guest19061 - 13/12/2012 17:26 - Report
Thankyou pc world. Stock alert Tuesday and store pick in Swansea on Wednesday. Very routine and straight forward. Looks like I am one of the lucky ones. Good luck FTP those still chasing. Merry christmas

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