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Jim Collier 20/12/2012 17:57:35 "Fantastic, been searching for weeks until I found this website and then found the iPad mini within a day. My stress levels are now back to normal!"
Karen Jones 20/12/2012 18:07:11 "Thanks saved my life!"
Jackie 21/12/2012 11:37:00 "Thank you, I having been trying to get an ipad mini for my son for weeks and now have one in the post from currys. :-)"
Richard 21/12/2012 13:32:37 "This has been a very useful service. Getting hold of the iPad mini is a nightmare. Finally found the one I wanted after scanning your site for weeks. Arrived today from Sainsbury. Many thanks"
Helen Dodds 21/12/2012 15:09:46 "excellent service thank you"
Dave Pitts 21/12/2012 15:17:36 "I think I might love you. Assuming my ipad mini turns up tomorrow as promissed I (and subsequently my girlfriend on Christmas Day) will be very happy indeed. You have saved my life, at least in the short term. Thank yoo."
N Forsyth 21/12/2012 15:23:29 "I was struggling to find an iPad Mini in Mid December. My sister alerted me to your service and you came up trumps last week notifying me of available stock. The product arrived yesterday. Thank you for your help."
Mrs Julie Hamilton 21/12/2012 15:34:44 "I have got one! from Currys home delivery, black 16g WiFi don't even have to collect!! great news thanks - I had almost given up!! Julie "
Bruce Graham 22/12/2012 10:23:32 "Great site, I now have the ipad I wanted for my daughters Xmas After a lot of running around this site worked wonders Thanks very much"
Irene Pearce 22/12/2012 12:48:27 "fantastic idea, should do more items of all kinds!"
Elisa Mcmahon 22/12/2012 22:17:54 "Fantastic site. Managed to get my ipad mini in time for xmas solely due to this site. Thank you I am very grateful :-)"
Jane 23/12/2012 17:34:31 "Thank you sooooo much for finding me a mini ipad. Fantastic service. "
Tanya Thompson 23/12/2012 22:44:03 "Brilliant!!! Been trying for weeks to get hold of iPad mini! Found your site and within 24 hours had not only reserved but collected my ipad mini for my son! Thank you!"
Holly 24/12/2012 09:32:02 "Your site is fantastic - managed to secure a white 16GB ipad mini at PCworld last Friday - if it hadn't been for the stock alert I would have missed it. Received it by 12noon on the Saturday! Unbelieveable as couldn't find one anywhere - it really works so thanks a lot! "
Fiona Musgrave 24/12/2012 18:08:05 "Eventually got a white 16gb to be delivered on the 27th pheweeeee! Thanks so much "
Nicola Kelly 24/12/2012 21:48:24 "Excellent website I got my ipad mini 2 days after registering with you and that was after weeks of looking ... Thanks very much ...:) "
Nicola Kelly 24/12/2012 21:50:28 "Thanks again for all your help you have made one little boys xmas thanks your your brilliant service ...:) "
Tony Trodden 24/12/2012 21:57:24 " i ordered a white 32GB ipad mini on the 19th from pc world & received it today!..... i'm sure i would have struggled if it weren't for your site!!... so many thanks to you all & have a great christmas & new year!!!! thanks again ... Tony."
Sara 25/12/2012 20:09:33 "Without your service I would not have been able to give my son what he really wanted for Christmas thank you"
Soufiane 28/12/2012 12:48:27 "Hello, I would like just to thank you for your help i could finally get an Ipad mini black 16gb after going queuing every single morning in apple stores but without getting nothing after finding your website on google i have never went back to apple stores and i'm happy that i could get one from Argos on last wednesday. Cheers, Soufiane."
L. B 28/12/2012 19:21:53 "Many Thanks, a great service and will definitely tell my friends about this service . Ipad mini's are like gold dust but I am now the proud owner of one after using this service."
Theresa Harris 29/12/2012 12:22:42 "I would like to say how happy I have been with your service and that we managed to get the ipad mini in time for Christmas, thank you very much"
Helen Robson 29/12/2012 12:31:00 "Brilliant service - got 2 IPad Minis from John Lewis last night. Very happy children. Thank you"
Simon Stewart 29/12/2012 13:04:46 "Brilliant - very well done and thank you."
Debs 29/12/2012 13:27:08 "This stock checker saved me loads of trouble and I was one of the lucky people at Xmas to be able to order an iPad mini and collect in store the day after. I had already rang every shop in the uk I think.... Thanks ipad stock checker for emailing me... Absolutely brilliant!! Top marks ! :))"

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