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Lisa 12/12/2012 12:18:55 "Great Service just got email to say John Lewis had some ipads in stock, not the one I want but I checked it out and they did!!"
Karen 13/12/2012 18:28:04 "Your alert first thing Monday morning helped me secure the iPad Mini I wanted from John Lewis, complete with the extra 1 year warranty. It arrived today. Thanks for your help :)"
Steve 14/12/2012 11:50:08 "Thank you so much, your service has enabled us to make a young man's Christmas! Without you he'd be opening an IOU one iPad card, but now he will be delighted with his new mini. Cheers and all the best for the new year!"
Paul Churchill 14/12/2012 15:40:43 "Absolutely brilliant THANK YOU Things were looking pretty hopeless until I found this site. I used the site' links to sign up for email notification with those listed stockists that offered the facility and woke up the next morning to an email from John Lewis that they had stock. By 07:15 I'd got 2 iPad Mini's 16gb white WiFi being sent to my local Waitrose for collection anytime after 1pm the following day"
Spencer 14/12/2012 18:29:32 "Great service thanks "
Emma Bowen 14/12/2012 19:03:25 "Brilliant brilliant!!, been trying to get ipad mini for weeks and within a few days of signing up I get an email which was up to date and accurate. Now bought my ipad. Delighted!! Well done, thank you for your excellent help!"
Caroline 14/12/2012 19:52:04 "Fantastic service!! Thank you thank you thank you....."
Karen Shilton 14/12/2012 20:00:47 "Great service thank you xx"
Kelly Blakeston 14/12/2012 22:41:56 "Fab service i can t thank you enough,without you i would not have found an ipad mini in time for christmas!! Happy Christmas to you all.. Kelly :-)"
Julie Clague 15/12/2012 11:03:46 "Thank you for your service, I managed to purchase 2 items that you confirmed were in stock in time for Christmas. "
June Anderson 16/12/2012 16:40:28 "Thank you so much for a very fast and efficient service. First time used and managed to get product. Thank you."
Janet Carr 17/12/2012 08:18:54 "Your service has been invaluable. I have FINALLY managed to order an ipad mini 16gb using your website after previously making MANY phone calls, checking of multiple websites. THANK YOU SO MUCH. "
Mary 17/12/2012 21:27:36 "Thank you. I received email of stock alert and clicked the link and was able to order a much searched for iPad mini."
Lea 17/12/2012 21:38:58 "YIPEEE for days I have been getting notifications but always missed out and got there too late!! Begining to think the whole thing was a get up..... Until I just order my sons iPad mini through John Lewis following a notification... THANKs sooooo happy "
Myrtle Shaw 17/12/2012 21:43:23 "Brilliant website. was able to order ipad when it came available. many thanks."
Conor 17/12/2012 22:34:50 "Brilliant efficient service, ahead of any retailer sites with which I had registered. First class"
Isabel Taylor 17/12/2012 22:54:24 "I was wakened this morning to the alarm on my computer alerting me that Argos had stock of ipad mini 16gb, quickly ordered it and hopefully arrive tomorrow. Thank you for all your help will have a happy 12yr old boy xmas morning. Great site to work with."
Sola 18/12/2012 06:59:17 "Great service!"
Vicky Saunders 18/12/2012 07:43:44 "Brilliant! Could have brought the 16gb 3 times thanks to your service but pleased I've got one!"
Tracy Davoile 18/12/2012 08:46:44 "Fantastic service!!! I had really given up finding an iPad mini before Xmas but I managed to order one from John Lewis yesterday. Amazing, thank you so much!"
Joyce Badham 18/12/2012 09:56:47 "Thank you sooooo much!! My iPad mini is winging its was to me as I write thanks to your excellent service!"
Chris 18/12/2012 12:45:00 "Thanks! Great site, it really works!! Spent all day trying to find what I wanted without success, but the alert came through that evening and bingo. Nice work."
Claire 18/12/2012 14:47:27 "Very please with this site, has helped me this christmas to get hold of the very much wanted and out of stock EVERYWHERE mini iPad after trying EVERYWHERE!! Also the lovely Furby. Last year it was the LeapPad Never lets me down i recommend it to everyone! Thank you Stock Informer :))"
Doug 18/12/2012 16:00:43 "After a lot of trying, finally ordered one from Argos yesterday but got no confidence from there message, inability to get more info off tracker and a dead end phone call which simply updated screen info, however the ipad mini 16 black arrived 3pm today and I am grateful for your services. You were well ahead of suppliers emails which usually arrived when stocks were depleted. Keep your hopes up purchasers"
Mick Davies 18/12/2012 17:53:15 "Excellent service, managed to buy an ipad mini from John Lewis in less than a week of using this service. Everywhere had completely sold out so we were losing all hope of getting one before Christmas, but thanks to this service and next day delivery 24 hrs later we have the mythical white box in our hands! What's more, we don't have any John Lewis stores anywhere near where we live and have never purchased from them before so it never crossed our mind to check them out for stock."

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