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Peter Benson 17/05/2011 08:44:58 "I've had my iPad 2 for weeks, and bought another for a friend, using this brilliant website. I'd never have found stock on my own, this made it so easy. Thanks very much for a great site - invaluable"
dan 18/05/2011 09:25:43 "ipad2 ordered from currys thanks to you boys. Nice service, muchos appreciated! "
Paul Brooker 21/05/2011 07:12:45 "Great service - got one from Argos being delivered Monday - Thank you !"
M dawson 25/05/2011 07:09:20 "You saved me hours searching through the sites of stores to find an iPad. I thought this was a terrific service which helped me quickly source the iPad I wanted. Many thanks. Mel Dawson"
Helen 25/05/2011 09:16:41 "Fantastic website. especially loved the alert siren! THANK YOU VERY MUCH"
Mark Outram 25/05/2011 11:47:19 "Thanks so much for providing this service! At launch my wife did not think the iPad was for her so I just purchased one for myself. After weeks of it being in the house she cannot put it down, much to my annoyance! With a week to go before our big trip she announces she wants one, great, I know how difficult stock is to find and thought there was no chance. Lucky I found your site and got a notification this morning the iPad she wanted was in stock. Result, it will be here for our trip! Thanks for providing a quality spam free service! Thanks, Mark."
MR T 25/05/2011 11:56:09 "It is because of you that I managed to get an IPad 2 from Tesco's today (+ club-card points) before they sold out of stock. I am still waiting for an email from Tesco to tell me that it is back in stock. you guys get a gold star thank you"
Louise Maidment 25/05/2011 21:09:16 "Fantastic! Registered on Monday afternoon, received notification on Tuesday morning - ordered my ipad and it arrived today. One very happy person!"
Mark Barry-Jackson 26/05/2011 08:08:30 "Slick service, thank you. I got what I wanted"
Noel Motha 26/05/2011 08:20:55 "An outstanding service. Many thanks."
m jackson 29/05/2011 18:46:31 "hi to everyone i,d like to say thank you very much for your help, in getting an ipad 2. it took a week checking all the time ,but eventually i got hold of one from J lewis,s.i am very grateful i would advise anybody to sign up to Ipad-stock."
Dom 07/06/2011 09:43:13 "Thank you. Loved your site. Got my iPad 2 through there. Hoping to use it again when the new iPhone launches."
Paul Austin 07/06/2011 21:40:29 "Saved loads of time. Bought one online from Argos and arrived next day. Great"
Gareth Jones 08/06/2011 09:15:37 "Hi - this is an excellent service, there's no way I'd have been able to source an ipad had it not been for you guys, I hope you're making some commission! Cheers, Gareth."
Calvin 09/06/2011 22:45:45 "Great you guys helped be get an ipad quite fast :)"
mkav 11/06/2011 10:44:14 "Terrific site. Cancelled my online Apple order as delivery dates unacceptably extended and within one week my ipad delivery from Curry's is awaited this morning following your notification. Many thanks."
Pearl Hammond 13/06/2011 16:21:04 "Great Service - Thanks"
Pete Moore 15/06/2011 18:05:56 "What a great site. Talked to Apple retail - who suggested queuing outside the store each morning to 'see if any came in' - Cheeky S*DS! Talked to Apple online - 1 to 2 weeks plus 7 EXTRA DAYS delivery - are they having a laugh ? 24 hours after finding your system my new white 16gb iPad2 is being collected from my local Tesco on Friday afternoon. How fab is that! If you can do it why the hell is Apple treating its loyal band of consumers like complete idiots - Apple beware, its no use having great products if nobody can buy them!!"
Sue Davis 17/06/2011 09:39:57 "Thanks for your very useful service. I have now ordered my iPad and am a very happy bunny. "
alix boon 18/06/2011 11:24:19 "thanks you helped me find ipad for son's 18th birthday"
Derek 21/06/2011 16:43:01 "Thanks for such a simple, yet effective service! I ordered from CPWH today, let's hope they deliver as promised - other suppliers took my orders on various occasions and simply did not provide any further details when the delivery date passed..."
Craig 21/06/2011 18:18:23 "Within 8hrs of logging in on your site I had an Ipad2 ordered and it arrived the very next day. Thanks. What great service"
Terry Davies 22/06/2011 14:33:57 "I found your website really useful. The best delivery time Apple could do on an ipad 2 32Gb wifi Black, was 2 weeks plus up to 7 days delivery. Within a couple of days of registering with you I was informed that John Lewis had in stock online and I was able to buy there and then with delivery taking only 3 days. Thanks"
Paul Valentine 24/06/2011 10:18:24 "Excellent site, received emails throughout the day and got my hands on a ipad within 2 days of registering. Thank you iPad-Stock"
Andrew Palmer 27/06/2011 20:33:57 "I successfully purchased an iPad 2 because of this service. I also liked the feature that allowed me to delete my account once the service served its purpose."

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