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Will_Bristol 19/04/2011 08:06:08 "Sterotypical as it may sound, but I never usually leave messages on feedback forums. This time though, I feel I should. Having stumbled across this website on Google, I am eternally grateful to the people who run it. The rush of adrenalin when the 'hideously jarring' stock availability alarm sounds, is captivating - Like some primal hunting instinct that has long been supressed by our 21st century ways. Even now, after finding my white iPad 2 32gb 3g through John Lewis, I still can't tear myself away from checking the latest online stock updates. I'm hooked...and I'm collecting the iPad from John Lewis at 2pm today. Many thanks for your brilliant service : )"
Maciek 19/04/2011 10:50:29 "Thank you very much you helped me buy the iPad I wanted from the store I wanted very quickly thanks to your services . :)"
Brett 19/04/2011 15:40:07 "I think your site is brilliant. I placed an order for an iPad last night after receiving a notification within a few minutes of registering for your service. Wonderful. But then after placing the order, with a confirmed delivery date for Wednesday, and a call from my bank to check on the purchase on my credit card...today I receive an email from John Lewis claiming that I failed a security check (I have no idea what) and that they are canceling my order. Very poor show John Lewis!!! I suspect they instead couldn't manage their purchase queue and didn't have enough stock to meet demand, and I failed the lottery on who actually receives the iPads ordered."
Vicky C 19/04/2011 16:16:07 "Fantastic Site - set up alerts on Friday afternoon (after being let down on a delivery by Comet) and 4am Saturday morning happened to wake up and check BB for email... Argos had stock! Ordered for next day delivery and it arrived on Monday morning! Perfect! Many Thanks! I now have something to keep me entertained on the 20 hour flight to Hawaii next week! (reason for wanting it now and not being prepared to wait for Apple to ship 'when they felt like it') Vicky C"
manish 19/04/2011 21:34:24 "Ipad stock alerts were a big help to me and helped me buy an ipad 2 from argos. Thanks guys!"
Graham Gale 20/04/2011 13:41:12 "Further to your email alert of yesterday I was able to place an order for Apple iPad2 WiFi + 3G 64GB - Black from Best Buy (www.bestbuy.co.uk). Your service was invaluable in obtaining this product and very efficient. I thank you for this. Best regards, Graham Gale"
John 20/04/2011 22:48:44 "Wish I had discovered this site earlier - would have made snagging an iPad 2 soooooo much faster. Great job!"
Peter McManus 22/04/2011 22:45:22 "Thanks for helping me track down an IPAD 2. Alert for John Lewis appeared - I ordered on line and picked up from chosen store next day. Easy peazy lemon squeezy."
Steve 25/04/2011 10:31:24 "Thanks, just picked up your alert for John Lewis having one 32GB in stock - appreciate this service!"
trisker 25/04/2011 18:11:47 "first class service"
Grace 25/04/2011 21:00:11 "Thanks for this site, now i got my ipad2 after comet turn down my order a day before agreed delivery saying they got no stock. then i found this site, and i see there's stock in currys, so i order straight away... thank u again!"
Fiona 27/04/2011 00:32:25 "Great service and pretty accurate! Took a couple of attempts but after 2 days managed to get my order in at Currys!!"
Tim 28/04/2011 17:17:16 "Thanks for your help in sourcing stock! If I hadn't found your site, I would have still thought they were completely sold out! Argos have just delivered my ipad 2! Less than 48 hours after ordering!"
Hairydisc 29/04/2011 10:01:01 "Cracking stuff. The alerter sat on my desktop for two days until an alarm for Argos appeared. Within 1 minute I was on their site and within 5 minutes my iPad was on the way to me on 24 hours delivery. You guys deserve a big hug for your selfless efforts."
Paul 30/04/2011 10:55:19 "Hi all, Just managed to get myself a 32Gb Wifi iPad 2 from Tesco thanks to this site. You're doing a great job, many thanks! Paul"
Jonny 03/05/2011 18:20:23 "You guys helped me get an iPad after a few days of trying to find one. The email alerts work great!"
Ian 05/05/2011 11:46:49 "Brilliant website! After casually browsing on-line and asking on the high street, I had assumed it would be impossible to ever find an IPAD2. However, I set the alarm on ipad-stock.co.uk and ended up with a 64gb3G same day from John Lewis! Fantastic"
Roger Williams 05/05/2011 13:06:11 "In a word - Outstanding"
Dan 06/05/2011 09:28:42 "Thanks for your service - it's excellent."
bebe 07/05/2011 13:36:16 "Hi there, There is stock that arrived today at PC World, Currys and Best Buy in Thurrock. I picked up 2 x 16gb 3g's earlier today. Thanks for tge website! Very useful! Bebe"
Ian McBrearty 07/05/2011 14:29:30 "Great service, managed to pick up 32gb Ipad from Argos with the stock updates, brilliant system."
Sam Clark 11/05/2011 13:12:50 "Great Service thanks managed to get stock report and quicker than I could have bought one from Apple Thanks"
k jones 13/05/2011 09:40:21 "just like to say thanks for your help i wish currys to do the same in service. had email this morning 5.35 am stock at tesco ordered it while having breakfast 6.30 am now in wearehose being dispatched. IPAD 2 stock.co.uk is great free service thank you "
steve kiff 14/05/2011 19:20:20 "id just like t othank you guys, without your help id never have bought my ipad2 as i had searched and failed to find stock on my own"
stamper 16/05/2011 08:37:32 "Thank you for a brillant service I was able to purchase one within two days of subscribing to the service. Very happy.."

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