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Dougall Stirrat 05/04/2011 16:19:58 "Excellent service, keep up the good work."
Sid 05/04/2011 19:27:17 "You guys are awesome. I was able to get my hands on the iPad thanks to you! No thanks to apple's reservation system. Thank you so much for offering this service free of cost. "
Andrew Kane 05/04/2011 20:01:55 "Registered last night after 2 weeks of failing to get one via Apple's 9pm reservation scheme and trying random supplier sites - managed to get a 64gb Wifi + 3G (White) tonight from Curry's via your instant alert. Cheers!"
Plymouth Red 05/04/2011 21:18:47 "Most excellent. Secured my iPad 2 through John Lewis by using the iPad Stock Checker. Alert sounded mid afternoon on the Friday and in my home by 12:00 the next day. Thank you :) Dave "
Simon Clarke 07/04/2011 16:51:32 "Thanks, great service. Got mine from John Lewis."
timothy doust 07/04/2011 18:49:30 "hi found ipad stocker checker on google i had already bought ipad2 for myself but gave it to my partner as she was after one ... of course i wanted to get another so joined stock checker and 1 day later waiting to receive my pad friday lovely job recommended tim"
Stuart Cameron 08/04/2011 08:01:09 "Excellent service, finally managed to track one down at John Lewis!"
Katy Roxburgh 08/04/2011 14:02:52 "Hi there, What a fantastic site! I got my Ipad 64gb +3G white delivered (from Tesco Direct)today and I am due one from Currys too (I went mad with excitement at them being in stock). I love the site. so useful, and I know this is sad, but really exciting waiting for the horn to go off to say stock has arrived. Thanks again! Katy"
Paul 09/04/2011 10:32:28 "Thank you so much for running this service! I've had a Ipad on order from Apple for a week and had given up hope on it arriving before my holiday in 2 weeks. Thanks to your Thursday evening stock alert for HMV, now have one sitting on my table waiting to be unpacked, thanks again!"
Gary Hawke 11/04/2011 16:17:17 "Thanks Apple wait 4 weeks so signed up for iPad-Stock and 7:30 am got an email to say Currys have stock, ipad has just arrived would have been here in 48 hours had it not been a weekend. This is a great service, thanks to iPad-Stock I now have an ipad 2 20 days early than Apple were offering."
Pete 12/04/2011 09:18:46 "Big thanks to this website. Get fed up with the 9pm lottery on the Apple site and the smug guys in the Apple shop. Managed to order one from John Lewis with next day collection, thanks to your stock prompt. Nice one guys, huge help. Pete in Reading "
Kris 12/04/2011 10:58:51 "Thanks to this website, I managed to order an 64GB Black Wi-Fi Ipad 2 from Best Buy on 08/04/2011 and it has arrived this morning, Great Service, Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for an Ipad and does not want to wait out Apple's shipping times"
Nick Hill 13/04/2011 08:28:36 "Thanks to your service I got an iPad 2 a full 3 weeks before the delivery time I was quoted from apple. So one very happy customer, many thanks. "
andy massey 13/04/2011 09:00:20 "Managed to order an ipad2 from currys this morning, although still awaiting a confirmed order email. Thanks for your service. I have an ipad1 from tesco which is on day 27 of its 28 day money back guarantee, so I'll be returning it today. ;)"
Arif Hilmi 13/04/2011 14:26:20 "Thanks for a great service this has been really useful in helping me to locate an ipad."
Lawrence McCloy 14/04/2011 11:39:39 "Thanks Guys, I had been trying to get the new ipad 2 for weeks and constantly being pipped at the post. However using your automated alert page, I was notified when the specific ipad I wanted came back into stock and purchased this from John Lewis online and had it delivered the next day. Thanks for much for providing this excellent service. God knows how you make money from it .. but it is appreciated! best regards Lawrence "
Justin 14/04/2011 13:35:46 "You helped me get an iPad! Will recommend to friends, Thanks!"
Deepti 14/04/2011 18:41:34 "Thanks a ton....I was able to get the ipad 2 from best buy today..Hopefully it will arrive on Monday as promised"
Vit 15/04/2011 01:01:15 "i am very pleased with your website, fantastic job !!! I was literally glued to ur website since IPad 2 stocks ran out in UK and you did provide a accurate stock list. I was finally lucky to get my IPad 2 from Apple stores in Bluewater especially since I wanted particular model & colour. Thanks a lot & keep up the good work. Regards, Vit"
Michael 15/04/2011 12:13:42 "Great service, after trying for days managed to order on a Sat and had my iPad 2 by Monday!! Keep up the good work!!"
david ferrier 15/04/2011 16:58:05 "Got my Ipad thanks to you guys."
Steve dolman 16/04/2011 18:36:17 "Excellent service guys tried everywhere for iPad for weeks, your alert last night, ordered from Argos, getting delivered Monday, thanks."
Chris B 17/04/2011 22:18:28 "Just to say thanks for your help begging to give up hope in getting an IP2 for my wufes 50th Birthday. Looks as though best buy are delivering tommorow. Thanks again Chris "
Phil 18/04/2011 09:11:45 "Flawless service. I was able to order my iPad in the 12 minute window that the supplier had stock. [posted from my iPad]"
Elisa 18/04/2011 12:39:15 "Awesome service!"

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