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The New iPad UK Launch

Posted 16 March 2012 - By Mike Green

New iPad UK Launch

Apple fans camped through the night to be one of the first in the queue to get there hands on a shiny new iPad today. Approximately 400 people were queued at 8am today at the Apple Regent Street store when the doors opened, slightly less than the 600 in line last year for the iPad 2.

However, there were many reports of shady deals being done outside many stores of Eastern European looking men paying cash for new iPads. When approached one explained he was aiming to pick up 70 iPads to ship to India. Many other new iPads will be destined for wealthy people China and the Middle East who are willing to pay premium prices. This obviously goes against the Apple policy of selling only two new iPad's per customer. People were quite clearly being paid to queue, buy two iPad's and then queue to buy some more. There is nothing illegal in this practice as the trading of consumer goods is not covered by legislation relating to the buying and selling of tickets.

Meanwhile, online stock levels have held up reasonably well today at online retailer websites, with John Lewis opening up sales of the new iPad at midnight which were being snapped up very quickly. Tesco Direct started online sales mid morning with stock of most of the different new iPad models. At the current rate of sales, stock may start to get thin on the ground by the end of this weekend. We will then have to wait and see how long it takes for the next shipment of new iPads to hit the shelves.

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