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iPad Mini Retina Stock Shortages

Posted 25 October 2013 - By Mike Green

iPad Mini Retina predicted stock shortages

Analysts are already predicting that the newly announced iPad Mini with Retina will be plagued by initial stock shortages.

The problem seems to lie in the tablets new Retina screen with its 2048 x 1536 pixel display. This has the same pixel resolution as the full sized iPad Air, however due to the smaller screen the density is much higher which is apparently proving more difficult to manufacture at high volumes (iPad Air Pixels per Inch is 264, however iPad Mini retina has 326 pixels per inch).

Reports suggest that Apple will be only able to produce one third of the number of Retina iPad Mini's compared to the original this time last year.

The Apple website only states that it will be released "Later in November" which seems to suggest that they are unsure themselves as to when they will have enough stock to confidently launch the new mini tablet.

Here at ipad-stock.co.uk we will constantly monitoring the availability and providing our usual unique stock alerts once the tablet is eventually launched.

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