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Factory Explosion could increase iPad 2 Stock Shortages

Posted 23 May 2011 - By Mike Green

iPad 2 Factory Blast

An accidental explosion has occured at one of Apple's main suppliers factories which is threatening to worsen the iPad 2 stock shortages already being experienced.

Three people were killed in the blast and 15 injured which occured last Friday 20th May in the Chineese city of Chengdu. Foxconn, the contractor that manufactures the iPad 2 have suggested the blast was maybe caused by combustible dust in a workshop that polished products. A full investigation into the cause of this serious incident is now being undertaken.

Analysts are reporting that the factory in question produces between 20%-30% of all iPad 2's produced and any downtime is only going compound the ipad 2 supply problem. This set back is on top of the further recent reported shortages in both parts and labour.

Only last month Apple said it was working through "the mother of all backlogs" for iPad supply.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of everyone affected by the explosion

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